Board Of Directors

Mr. Chitresh Mehta, Director of MCS Trading Company Pvt. Ltd., has long been intrigued with the nitty-gritty of commodity trading. Mr. Mehta ushered into this industry at the age of 18 with unwavering conviction to extend the forefather business (physical gold & silver) of 150 years into a new era of commodity trading. After completing graduation in commerce, he played an integral role in the transforming MCS from a dream into a worthwhile reality. Today, he is also a MCX bullion product committee member and NMCE bullion product committee member. He designed the contract of gold and silver at the time of MCX exchange opening. His guidance paved way for MCS entailing the combination of research and business systems in balanced proportion.

Mr. Archit Mehta, Director of MCS Trading Company Pvt. Ltd., has laid the basis of precise back-office composition and coordination among cross-functional teams. Having being well acquainted with the challenges of this industry, he strives to provide the radical solutions to have an impact with the well-integrated management support system and harmonizes dynamic work-force to provide world-class service to each and every esteemed investor, whether individual or institutional. With the drive to tap most lucrative business opportunities, he aims to strengthen team capabilities with an unsurpassed team of professionals.

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